Saturday, August 30, 2008

10-year Reunion

Tonight Brian and I went to my 10-year high school reunion. We had a 2-hour cruise on Lake Wawasee on the LillyPad. It was such a beautiful night, we could not have asked for better weather! Neither one of us had been on the newer LillyPad (II) and it was absolutely beautiful on the inside. We had a pretty good turn-out...about 80 people or so and more people came after the boat cruise too.

It was great to see old friends and catch up. Lots of memories...lots of laughs!!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Night Volleyball

My friend Peggy coaches volleyball at Jimtown and they just happened to be playing Goshen, where my younger cousin Kaytie plays. Soooo...we made it a family evening and Brian and I along with Anitra and the kids headed to Goshen. The top collage is Peggy in action! :) The bottom 3 pictures of that collage, you can see Peggy saying... "Stop taking my picture" ha!! The other 2 are of Kaytie...#10! Isn't she adorable?! She did awesome and had the final point to beat Jimtown. Great job Kate!! Sorry Pegs! :(
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Monday, August 25, 2008


Sunday afternoon, we had a baby shower for Traci at church. She is having a little boy! She got some really cute outfits and lots of diapers and wipes! I think our Sunday School class might have to get re-named. From The Uprising to...hmmmm...The Baby-Producing. :) We had a nice time! Thanks Traci for having a baby so we could have a reason to give gifts, eat cake and party!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008


By the end of the day, we all felt like Brenna! She tossed and turned in this chair for a long time! Finally, she sat on the ground and rested her head on the chair! Poor thing! I know, I know...what kind of aunt am I that I just stood there taking her picture? Well, after I took these, I picked her up and carried her to the car. She was one worn out girl! I felt like she looked!
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Pool time

Thanks to Grandma Pottenger for letting us have the party at her house. As late as Friday, they were calling for PM showers. Thankfully, they were wrong!! It was a beautiful day and warm, so everyone enjoyed the pool! Grandma even stuck her feet in. There was swimming races, diving competitions, chicken fights and just lounging! Adria enjoyed having her own pool to herself! She kept sticking her head in the water like a duck. It was too funny! Posted by Picasa

The perfect day...

Mom and Bobby got to the party and they were in such a hurry when they left home, they forgot their cell phones and Bobby forget his wallet. Brian said that sounded like the perfect day to him! It was a wonderful day!! The girls had fun with the pinata and each other and Ty's cupcake didn't stand a chance! :)
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The party goes on...

Ok, bear with me! Today we had Senica's birthday party at Grandma Pottenger's house and I am having a hard time narrowing down my 789 pictures to just a few to you are gonna see quite a few. These are of the YUMMY food, the great cake my mom made, Senica blowing out the candles and her showing us every single gift she got like she was a Bob Barker model. :)
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pizza Party!

Tonight we had a girls only (plus Ty) birthday dinner!! :) April and her girls, Grandma Pottenger, Jeannie, Anitra and the kids and I all went to Pizza Hut to celebrate. Pizza is easy when you have 5 kids to feed! We had a lot of fun and even more laughter! After dinner, April took Senica to her house to spend her birthday night with Brenna and Janae came home with me! :) I was going to have her help me make cupcakes for Senica's birthday party tomorrow, but currently, she's watching the Cheetah Girls One World movie! :)

Janae wants to say this...
Senica's turning 4 today! She is a very good cousin. She's fun to play with. She's really, really cute. That's it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENICA!! We all love you so much!
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Happy Birthday Senica!!

Happy Birthday Sis! I put together some of my favorite pictures of you from the past few months. I hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday today. You are such a sweet girl and I love you a whole bunch! I'm so proud of you! You have had a big year! You have learned so many new things and you are growing up so fast!! The best thing from this year was you asking Jesus into your heart! I couldn't be more proud of you! Love you bunches!!!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

...and they're gone

I got home tonight...and this is what I found. Mama is gone. Along with all of her babies. The only thing left, these 4 eggs that didn't hatch. I am sad.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

And then came more...

Aren't they so cute?! The very last picture, I saw him come out! I was giving Mama some water and it startled her and she stood up and out comes this baby. He was trying to figure out how to get to the other side to his siblings. Poor guy...he probably felt lost.

Call me pathetic. I am going to miss Mama when she's gone. And her babies now too!
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We have babies!!!

Tonight after dinner, Anitra and I were sitting on the couch and I could hear "Mama" quacking. A lot. And loud. Yes, I have named our duck Mama b/c every day when I feed her, her daily hot dog bun I talk to her and call her Mama. Well, she was making a bunch of noise and was standing up (top pic) and I said, that's not normally like her. She doesn't stand up. So I ran down and got my camera and these are the first shots I got. Mama had her babies. At first I counted 3. I hadn't fed her yet tonight, so I went inside and got her a bun and when I came out there was 4! The miracle of life is amazing, whether it's seeing my nieces being born (way cool) or baby ducklings hatch (cool, but not as cool)!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mutual feelings

By the end of the day, McGraw was tired from all the excitment! I was too. :) I laid down on the couch for a nap and got a little rest before I heard a knock on the door. It was Senica..."Addi, can I stay here with you while mommy and daddy go to church and the store?" Of course! So, Senica and I hung out...colored, had a snack, watched swimming and cheered on Michael Phelps! Senica sat in front of the TV yelling, "Go, Michael, Go Michael!" It was so cute. When he won, she said..."he did a good job! I think I could do that someday when I am older." Isn't she sweet??
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Ethan kept that hat on the entire day! I couldn't believe how good he was at not messin' with it! The caption for the top picture is "Get that camera out of my face lady" ha! I love it!
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The Twins!

Ok, the pictures go...Owen, Owen, Ian, Owen. If I am wrong...someone please correct me!! I didn't get as many pics of Ian beacuse he took a longer nap. Aren't they so handsome? I love the last picture of Owen laying on Mary's legs above the water. :)
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