Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Annual Birthday trip

Jacinda and I made our annual birthday trip to Chicago to watch the Cubbies. Her birthday is the 11th and mine, the 12th. Our last year of our 20's. The game was a blast!! ;) Anytime you get to sing Go Cubs Go at the end of the game it a good time! :)
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleepovers & Prom

Friday night April and I had a date at Red Lobster. :) Brian watched Jacinda and Anitra had the rest of the kids. We ate dinner and did a little shopping. When we got home, Brian and Jacinda were hanging out downstairs and both were happy! :) They both did a great job while we were out!

Janae and Brenna were spending the night at Senica's, so April came down with Adria and Jacinda spent the night at our house. :) Brian was up at 6:30 to go to work and I got up with Jacinda. She is so happy when she wakes up...not like me! So I made breakfast and then April went to pick up the kids.

After they left, I stated working on the tile by the front door and Brian came home shortly after that. We got all the carpet and padding pulled up and then I headed to Goshen to take Mia's prom pictures. Aren't Tony and Mia absolutely adorable?! :) It was such a gorgeous day and they were just so cute!! After pictures Brian and I went to dinner at the O with Uncle Fred and Aunt Marie, Aunt Marie's sister, and Nanci and Dawn. Then after dinner I made my first trip of the year to The Chief. :) Yummmy!!!

It was a GREAT weekend...and I'm beat!
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