Monday, September 29, 2008

Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute

Ok, so there are 5 "cutes" for my 5 "cuties" that came over for lunch on Sunday. (Adria is missing from these pictures, because she was too on-the-go to hold still for a picture) Janae is just learning to read and was reading to all the younger kids. Senica and Brenna were having a good time eating chips and listening to Janae read. Days like these make me happy! I love being so close to them! :)
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Potty Training

So Ty is potty training. Friday night after our picnic, Ty went on the big-boy-potty at my house. The first time he ever went at my house. I don't know who was more or him! Good thing I had some M&M's on hand. Saturday night, Senica and Ty were playing in the front yard and I was taking pictures. Senica looks at me with a really disgusted face and says "Ummm, I think Ty stinks" I wish I had her facial expression on my camera...I missed it though.

So Ty, stops! Looks at Senica and she runs over to him and starts looking in his pants. Can you see her behind him? She was talking to him the whole time..."Ty, did you poop? Bubby, are you stinky?" His face in the second picture cracks me up!! I think he's thinking..."SERIOUSLY Sis, do you have to be digging in my pants in the FRONT yard? Fine, I pooped my pants! Leave me alone!" But he just stood there.

Then she says, "Yup, he did! Ty, you pooped in your pants" I said, "Ty, next time, tell me and I will take you to the potty." He then covered his face, as if to say, I know...I forgot!

Honestly, isn't he the cutest?! Poopy pants and all!
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Parents night out

Saturday night was parents night out and it was Anitra and Seth's turn to watch the kids. Peggy came over and helped and she made DELICIOUS pumpkin muffins. YUM! So, Anitra had watched Adria so that April and I could go shopping in Michigan City and when we got back, Ethan and Luke had been dropped off and their mommy's and daddy's were out on their dates! :) It seems like I got a picture of everyone with food on their face except for Luke. They were all good and I think the parents enjoyed their dates. :)
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The model and the dare devil...

I had Senica model for some pictures at the park. It was such a nice night and even with her playing in the dirt, she was too cute to not get some pictures of. At first I told her, lean against the tree....then she said, how about I do this or this? It was too cute!

Meanwhile, Ty, was mastering the jungle gym. He was climbing all by himself and didn't really want any help from mom! They are growing up WAY too fast!!
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Picnic at the Park

Friday night Anitra, the kids and I rode our bikes to the park and met Peggy for a picnic! We at some chicken salad sandwiches and some yummy veggies before heading to the playground. Ty loved the sand! Peggy showed of her gymnastics skills and then it was Senica's turn. I did not want to try anything to daring...the last time we went to the playground and I tried to prove how "young" I was, I hurt my shoulder! So, I played it safe on the swings with Senica. Anitra wanted to do the "underdog" like we did when we were 10, so the bottom is pictures of her doing that. Yes, there were other people at the park and yes, they thought we were nuts too! :) It's so much fun to be so crazy though!!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you hear that?

Tonight Brian and I were in the living room watching Jeopardy and we heard someone yelling...a kid...

I look out the front door and see the clan coming down the street on their bikes and Senica is yelling for us! It was too cute!!!

Aren't they just an adorable little family?? Just one thing wrong with these pictures. Seth needs a helmet! :)
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tailgate Sunday

Yesterday was tailgate Sunday at church. It was a gorgeous day...and hot! They had the the bouncy houses for the kids. It was nice because they had some for older kids, but one for the younger kids too. We had chicken, potato salad, carrots, beans and even brownies! Yum!! It was a lot of fun and I think most everyone probably went home and took a nap! :) Our family at least! :) We had flag football, Cornhole, Plumber's golf (?) just all sorts of things to do. I took over 400 pictures! Here are just a few...
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Anitra's new color

So tonight the family at the other end of the street came down for dinner. Anitra brought her box of hair color and after we ate, Seth took the kids home so we could do Anitra's hair. You would think after the kids left, we would have some uninterrupted time to do her hair. When we went in to rinse her hair...there he was, just like a kid...on my back! Seriously, from the minute I get home, he is at my feet! At least I know he loves me! :)

Doesn't Anitra's hair look nice? She always wants to do her eyebrows too and I won't b/c the box says it can cause blindness. She does her eyebrows herself. I told her tonight, I would tell her what Senica looks like on her wedding day when she can't see her because she is blind from putting hair dye on her eyebrows!! She gave me a dirty look. Gotta love sisters! Life would be boring without them!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apple Festival rides

We had dinner and then it was time for the rides. I can remember when Ty turned 1 we went to Chuck E Cheese and he HATED the rides! Tonight he was screaming in pure joy. He loved the boat ride and the Merry-Go-Round. Adria did not like the Merry-Go-Round. There was no Merry about it. It was more like SCARY-Go-Round! Poor girl!

The older girls enjoyed the carmel apples after the rides. Well, Janae and Senica enjoyed the carmel apples, Brenna just enjoyed the caramel. April said it's just like when she eats cupcakes, she just likes to enjoy the frosting. I don't know who she is related to!?

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Dinner at the Apple Festival

Tonight Brian and I met Mom, Anitra, Senica, Ty, April, Janae, Brenna and Adria at the Apple Festival in Nappanee. Brian and I had never been there before and come to find out, neither had my sisters. We had steak tips, hot dogs, corn dogs, french fries, steak burgers and the list goes on. All healthy you know! So to end the night we had some apples for our fruit...with some caramel of course! ;)
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Kristi's Shower

Today we had Kristi's shower. She looked adorable and she got a lot of nice things. They are doing the baby room in ABC's. I can't wait to see if she has a boy or a girl! Her mother-in-law seems to thinks it's a girl, as she called the baby "her" all day! I think it's wishful thinking on her part...she has all grandson's and one granddaughter so far! :) In about a month, we will all know! :)
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Write this down...

Senica was being crazy. We were putting the puzzle together and she was coming up with some statements that made Anitra and I look at each other are say "where did she hear that"!? So, we are having a conversation with that went like this...

S: Oh my gosh!
Anitra: Instead of saying "gosh" you could say, Oh My Goodness.
Addi: Yes, Oh My Goodness sounds so much nicer!

S to me: Let me see that (puzzle) piece Booty Baby
Addi: Uhhh...what?
Anitra: Senica, why don't you say, Addi can I please see that piece?

I was about laughing so I turned my head so Senica wouldn't see me and there on the couch sits Ty...pencil in hand, like he was taking notes. What Not To Say by Ty...No booty talk! Got it!

Isn't that hilarious?! He looked so serious!
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Jacinda and I decided last minute (a week ago) that we needed to go to just one more game this year! Well, I have been telling Brian that I would like to go to a night game...we got to see a night game...the very last one of the regular season at home. Brian wasn't really wanting to go, so Jacinda and I got on StubHub and bought 2 tickets. The only problem was that it was on a Wednesday night. I knew I would want to sleep on the way home and so Brian said that he would drive us. Isn't he the sweetest?!? He drove us all the way to Chicago and sat in a Mexican restaurant while we went to the game. Before you all tell me, I know, I am spoiled!

As soon as I got home from work, he had the car packed with a cooler with Diet Cokes in it and blankets and pillows for on the way home.

We lost 6-2, but still had a WONDERFUL evening! I am so lucky to have a friend like Jacinda. We have been friends since elementary school and the older we get, the more fun we have! :) We laughed so hard and Jacinda's man, Ramirez, even hit a home run for her. :) We always debate who's "guy" is better. Mine, D LEE or hers, Ramirez.

As you can tell, we had some issues taking pictures of ourselves. I don't know why we didn't ask someone to take the pic for us??

So I just got done watching today's game and my "guy" had the game-winning hit!! Go Cubs Go!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is finished!

We started Sunday with Peggy and Jessica...tonight, Anitra, Senica and I finished the puzzle!! :) Senica was downstairs playing the Wii with her dad and came up just as Anitra and I were finishing the puzzle. She came up just in time to hoard the last few pieces and put the final piece in! You should have seen her....she was collecting the pieces and tucking them in real close to her, like kids do when they break a pinata! I was laughing so hard...Anitra says she always does that when they put puzzles together. Too funny! She was in rare form tonight.
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Lazy Weekend

This past Saturday, the plan was to stay home and just watch ND football. I wasn't feeling so well and didn't wake up until 11:30am! Then, I laid back down and napped from 2-6pm!!

Sunday, I woke up with an awful ear ache!! YUK! At church Anitra said it would be a great day for a puzzle, so Brian and I had Peggy, Corey, Jessica and Ethan come over. Of course, Anitra, Seth and the kids came too! The guys watched Sunday football in the basement and the ladies did a puzzle and talked. It was so much fun! I love when our friends come over!! Brian grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and it was yummy. Peggy made cookies and they were yummy too and Jessica brought over a casserole that was DELICIOUS! It was pouring rain outside but inside we had a great day!

Isn't Ethan getting so big?? Senica loves holding babies! She is such a good helper/babysitter. :)
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Visitors from Kentucky

This past weekend Brad, Leah and Baby Addie came to visit from Kentucky. They come back north for the ND/Michigan game. They stopped by Anitra and Seth's house for dinner and I got to go down and visit with them too! Isn't little Addie so cute??
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Monday, September 8, 2008

My handsome hubby!

Sunday was such a beautiful day that we had Anitra take some pictures of us down by the river walk. I wanted to post tonight to just say how much I love my husband! He puts up with all of my "paparazzi" moments and even flashes a real smile when he is way past the limit of his "posing".

As I was getting ready to leave work and a few times on my way home, I wanted to call him to see if he would start a bath for me. That's all I could think about....I just wanted to get home and soak in a hot tub! I didn't call him, but he knows me oh so well, and when I walked in the door, he said, there's a bath waiting upstairs for you! Thanks honey!!
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Dedication

Aren't they all so cute?! I was trying to run from side to side to get some good pics of everyone, but I just couldn't do it. Brent went so fast, I couldn't keep up! But here are some that I did get. :)
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Day of rest?

Today was Grandparents Day and Senica sang up front at church, so Mom and Bobby and Marty, Joyce, Ethan, Maddie and Aunt Cecil came to watch her.

It was a busy day...I started my new post at the Welcome Cart for when people drop off their kids for Sunday School and Church. I also wanted to get some pictures of all of our friends who dedicated their babies today, so I went into church to take pictures...then I ran upstairs and did a drama with Anitra for the 3, 4 and 5 year-olds where I played an artist! HA!! Me an artist...I think not! Our lesson was on creation and how God made everything and how we can take care of what God created. It was a great lesson and I think the kids liked it!

After church Mom and Bobby picked up some chicken from Martin's and we all headed down to the river walk for lunch. It was such a beautiful day and it is so pretty down there!! Then we went over to the open house for the new Townhouses they are building...WAY out of our price range, and Brian said if we even spend that much money on a home, it's gonna have some kind of yard be on a body of water where he can put a boat! Ahhh...dreams! :) After that, we headed home so I could lay down and rest for about an hour and wake up just in time to see the Cubs blow it in the 9th! Grrr...I should have stayed asleep!! Then Senica and Ty came down and Brian and I watched them so Anitra and Seth could go to Bethel to the Hall Of Fame banquet...they left at 9:30!

I had to tell Anitra they had to leave because I needed to get my Sunday night blogging in!! :)
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Never a dull moment

The other night we went to the Bethel volleyball game with Anitra, Seth and the kids. When Brian and I went to leave, Senica was going to go with us. Well, Ty wasn't too happy about being left behind, so we brought him along too. We took the kids home and gave them baths and after bath-time, it was dress-up time! I have a bunch of shoes (more than Brian likes) that sit by the front door. Senica and Ty both love to try on my shoes! Well, Senica looked like a modern day pop star, and a little too grown up looking for my liking, but of course, she still looked adorable. And Ty, well, he knows he's adorable!!
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Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Happy birthday Jessica!!! You are such a wonderful friend!! I hope that you have a GREAT day and that you are feeling better!
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Monday, September 1, 2008

The cuteness of Senica

I just loved this series of pictures of Senica. She was the last one out of the pool and I was in there with her...and in these pictures she was telling me (for the 20th time) that she put her head under water (twice) and didn't cry! She was so proud of herself. Way to go Senica!!
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