Monday, April 28, 2008


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Tonight Brian and I went to dinner at Red Lobster. Just the two of us! It was so nice. My co-workers got me a gift certificate for Red Lobster for Administrative Professional Day last week. I know, can you believe it actually lasted that long?? :)

Anyway, while we were at dinner, I decided it was finally time to have my rings soldered. 14 months of marriage and I am just now doing it. I originally thought I would keep them seperate so someday when I get pregnant and my hands swell to the size of China, I could still wear my wedding band. However...the more and more I think about it, I wanted to get my rings "bonded" together forever just like Brian and I are. So we dropped our rings off, mine to be sautered and Brian's to be polished. As we drove home, I realized this is the first night of our marriage where I don't have my rings. It feels funny physically, to not have my ring on, but it got me to thinking what our wedding rings really signify. It signifies our love, the bond that God has created between us, it signifies understanding and tenderness. It also is a symbol of self-sacrifice, putting someone else's feelings in front of your own. It signifies forgiveness and reminds me that only God is perfect! It not only shows that I am loved by someone, but that I also love that man with all my heart!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures at the park

Brenna wanted to be in every picture, Adria (obviously) wasn't in the picture taking mood, I actually got my sister to take 2 seconds to take a picture with me and Janae and I had to show off our matching hats!!
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Janae's first game

Today was Janae's first Little League game. The kids were so cute! They each get to bat and the coach throws 3 tosses...if they still haven't hit the ball, they get to use a T until they can hit it. The kids in the outfield are hilarious to watch...out their twirling circles because their bored. ha! Too cute! Janae did good, she's getting the hang of it. Brenna was on the sidelines yelling, "You can do it Janae, do just like you did when you practiced"! How sweet!! Janae had quite the cheering section with mom and Bobby, of course her parents and sisters, Brian and I and Anitra, Senica and Ty. Seth was the only one who couldn't make it because he had a double header today. Bethel swept Grace today so they will play in the tournament starting Wednesday. A very FUN day!!
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Me and my boy!

Tonight when I got home, Brian was re-doing the edging in the backyard. He sent me to Anitra's to get a shovel...and Senica was getting ready for gymnastics. I told Anitra Brian and I would take Ty tonight so that she could have some time alone with Senica. Ty L.O.V.E.S. to be outside, so I thought he would like to skip gymnastics to hang outside with Uncle BK and Aunt Addi. Ty got out the wrench and tried to help Brian fix the the lawnmower. It was too cute!! We dug in the dirt, threw rocks, drew with sidewalk chalk, wrestled (Ty won) and played soccer.

Realization of the day - I would love to have a little boy someday. I always thought that I wanted a daughter...which I do, but I would also love a son! Thanks Ty for opening my eyes, bubby! I love you!
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Future All-Stars

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to Uncle Seth's game. Brian, Janae, Brenna, Adria and I met Anitra, Senica and Ty at Dog 'N Mugg for lunch and then headed to Seth's game.

Janae and Brenna wanted to wear a Cubs hat to match me, so all three of us left with our matching hats. When we got to the game, Brenna didn't want hers on anymore. So Senica was wearing can see it in the bottom right, Janae has on my pink Cubs hat...TOO CUTE!!! I know, I say this a lot, but seriously, look at these girls!!
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Our first sleepover

Friday night was the first night that I have had Adria all night. We put her pack-n-play in our bedroom and Janae and Brenna slept in the spare bedroom next to ours. Adria was only up one-time in the middle of the night. Well, 4:30am for a bottle. I think Brian and I were up a total of 14 times combined! Everytime I heard her move, I got up to check to make sure she was still breathing, that the blanket wasn't covering her face or my worst fear, that McGraw had crawled in there with her and that he was trying to sleep on her head like he tries to sleep on mine! But everytime she was fine and by Saturday morning, she was making all these cute faces at me and I was wondering when nap time would arrive! :)
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Strike a pose

Ok, so I admit, the top two pictures, I told Brenna to pose. Those dimples are just adorable!! While everyone was busy teaching Janae how to bat, Brenna was in my flowers (I mean flower) smelling it! It was so cute, because I didn't pose her! Too cute!
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The model

Oh boy...isn't this scary? How cute she knows she is!! ;)
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Everyone hits...

Friday night April and Brian came over to drop off the girls and we played some backyard, I mean, frontyard baseball. Everyone got to bat, except Brenna. Really though, she didn't want to. She was too busy modeling!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristi!!!

Happy 28th Kristi!

Kristi is one of the most talented people that I know. I wish I had her creativity! We have only been friends for a few short years, but it feels like we have been friends for decades...many more than we are actually old! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kristi..I love ya!
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Busy weekend

Tomorrow (Friday) after work, April is coming over with the girl's for dinner. Then Janae, Brenna and Adria are going to spend the night because April has to work early Saturday morning and I am going to watch the girl's while she works. I am sure that Brenna will want to bake some cookies and Janae will probably want to make some milkshakes...Adria will just want to crawl everywhere and stick things in her mouth she shouldn't! ha! Anyway, I am excited to get to spend some time with the girl's...they are calling for rain, but I am hoping for some nice weather so that we can play outside!

Today is my friends Kristi's birthday. Sunday after church Brian and I are having her and her boyfriend over for lunch. I am so excited to get to spend Sunday with them! :)

Please pray for some energy for me! I think I'm gonna need it! And also pray for April because she's a nervous-nelly leaving the girls with me. She doesn't worry so much when Anitra has them since Anitra's a mom, but I told her I think I am plenty capable of taking care of my nieces. I mean, I know I'm not a mom yet, but I am 28 (almost) years old, have spent my entire life around kids and I do help with Anitra's kids quite a bit, so I am not completely ignorant! ha

**Another prayer request....some of you know that my Uncle Fred (mom's brother) was in the hospital last week and ended up having heart surgery this week. He is home now, but please continue to pray for his healing!

I don't like it Papa!!!

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Beautiful day...

Today was such a gorgeous day! Sunny and WARM!! Seth's team played against Goshen College at Goshen, so I got to go over after work and catch the 2nd game. We won both games! Yay!! Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Walt were at the game and Senica and Ty had fun playing with "Grandma" Jeannie. After his games we went to mom's to have dinner. Papa grilled chicken and it was wonderful! Brian's mom is the Athletic trainer at Goshen College, so she got to come over for dinner too! It was so great to have dinner with her.

After dinner, Papa wanted to take Senica and Ty for rides on the John Deere. Senica L.O.V.E.D it! Other than hitting the swing set (top-middle) and almost hitting the fence, Senica did a good job driving on her own! Ty sentiments about the tractor weren't so much the same...
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Much, much better!

Thanks for all of the prayers! My eye's are much better. Thankfully, Senica and Seth are both feeling better too and Anitra and Ty never got sick!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A family that shares everything...

Well, Senica developed a rash on Friday night. It started on her back and Saturday it had spread! Anitra and I went to get groceries and Seth took Senica to the doctor. It ends up she has Scarletina...a milder form of Scarlet Fever. The doctor said it the same virus at strep throat. Senica hasn't complained at all. I think she has a high pain tolerance! Well Saturday morning when I woke up, my eye was gooey and almost matted shut. Anitra said Saturday night that my eye looked like I had pink eye. I Googled pink eye and it says it is caused by the same virus as Scarletina...Streptococcus. So, I am self-diagnosing...but I think Senica has shared her virus with me!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Put me in coach!

Janae listened to everything Seth said, very intently! April said she thinks she improved in the short impromptu session she had with Uncle Seth. He really worked with her on how to throw and at the end, he told her to keep working on it and she said with such confidence..."I think I got it down!"
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This is how you field a ball

Are these not the sweetest pictures? That's all I can say, no words could do just have to feel these!
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Janae is in T-ball this year. She asked Seth if he would help her, so she got some private lessons! I told her she was pretty lucky to be getting private lessons from a college baseball coach...for free especially! I told her that means she's pretty special. She was all smiles!
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Brenna's shots

Brenna asked if she could take pictures with my camera, so these are some of her shots. Top left clockwise: Papa gave the girls a hard had from his work...they decorated it, if you can't tell it says "Papa Rules" Too cute! Then of course, April...then Anitra's picture hanging in the kitchen and then me. I think she did pretty good!
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How did they get so cute??

Honestly, I know, they are my blood, but are these not the cutest kids?? I know, I am missing Brenna in these, but she was MIA as she was inside trying desperately to find the cotton candy to show her mom!
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Hugs for everyone!

Everyone wanted to hug April and Brian! Janae had to cry when she hugged her mom! I can remember being little and not seeing my mom and then having to cry when I hugged her because I was so happy to see her! The girls did a great job at making their posters. Janae told me that it was her idea, but that she got the idea from me! She's so sweet...She asked me if I remembered when I made her a poster when she flew to Florida? That's what made her think of it! Of course I remembered it! When we went got married in Florida last year, April and the girls flew down with BK. Kristi and I had made them signs to welcome them at the airport. I can't believe she remembered!
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Welcome Home!

Brian (BK) and I picked up April and Brian from the airport tonight. We were supposed to call Anitra when we were 5 minutes away...and to turn the corner slow. When we turned the corner, there stood the 3 little girls yelling welcome home, welcome home!! Right away, April could see that Janae lost another tooth and was yelling out the window "Janae did you loose another tooth"?? It was the most precious thing! For some reason though, Ty was in the neighbors yard at their front door..he was yelling too! I think he was trying to yell welcome home like his cousins and sister. HA! Adria's are were just going and going, so I think she was trying to wave hi! ;)
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Here come the troops...

April and Brian left Sunday for a trip for just the two of them! Much needed! :) So Anitra had all 5 kids from Sunday night until tonight. Monday night I invited Anitra and the kids down for dinner to help give Anitra a little bit of a breather! Since it was so nice out, Anitra and the kids walked down. We live so close to each other, you could almost hear the kids as soon as they walked out of Anitra's door, until they came into my door!

So, do you think the kitty likes Adria pulling his hair...and could Ty possibly get any more of that chicken leg in his mouth?

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Cubs Go!

Cubs WIN!! 9-7 Whooo Hoooo! Go Cubs Go! Hey Chicago whadda say, the Cubs are gonna win today! :)
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7th inning stretch

During the 7th inning stretch, Ron Santo led us us in Take Me Out To The Ballgame! It was cool! Some of you may already know this, but he is a diabetic and is a huge advocate for the Illinois Chapter of the JDRF. I know he was my cousin Scott's favorite player. Anyway, it was really neat...wish I could have met him!
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a few more...

We were down in the 7th inning, but scored 5 runs. It was awesome!
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more from Wrigley...

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