Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Today's praise is that no one has the flu! knock on wood!!

I went back to work this morning and worked a 1/2 day. Brian asked for a list of things he could do around the I took him up on that request and left him a list of about 4 things. I got home and the list was done! It was so nice!!

He invited his parents over for New Year's along with some other friends. It seemed like everyone had plans, so his parents were just going to stop by for a short while. We thought about getting a movie after they left and having a quiet night.

I thought we would just have some appetizers, so I started cooking...then Jonathan came, and then Linda and Talis...then Anitra, Seth, Senica and Ty...then Jacinda. I pulled some more meatballs out of the fridge! :)

It was fun! I like having company over and everyone was gone by 10:00pm. Anitra and Seth took the kids home to put them in bed and Seth called to see if we wanted to come and play some Hand and Foot. So, Brian and I headed down there and rang in the new year playing cards! :)

Hope you all had a fun and safe New Year's Eve!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Brenna's turn


Well, I called Janae after church today to see how she was feeling. She said she was feeling much better, but Brenna was sick. I guess Brenna ended up getting sick on Janae. Mom said that Janae handled it pretty well.

So, keep our family in your prayers...the flu is still haunting us! I just talked with April and she said that Brenna has been sick about 8 times! Poor thing!!
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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Tonight while Senica was pushing Baby Addi (her doll) in the swing, she turns around and says, "Addi, does G-R-A-C-O spell swing?" How cute!! So, I tried to explain to her what a brand name is.

More kids...


Anitra and Seth had a wedding today in Fort Wayne for one of his past players. Mom was going to watch the kids, but since she had the flu, we took them. Anitra and Seth dropped them off around 1:30. We watched Hannah Montana (all 3 girls' favorite) and once again...the princess sing-a-long. Ty is still kinda fussy with his teeth, but the one on the bottom broke through! :) I got the kids fed and bathed, and Ty in bed. Senica was almost asleep with Anitra and Seth got home.

Whew...I am tired!! No kids for awhile! I like my sleep! :)

**Flu update**

April called this morning and said if we were planning on heading her way...don't! Janae was vomitting with from the flu again! Poor girl, this is her 3rd flu this year!!
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Kids everywhere


Senica spent the night last night and we got up and made breakfast this morning. Pancakes, eggs, potatoes and sausage. Anitra and Seth came down to have breakfast with us. Seth had to go to work for camp and Brian went to his parents house to help them move furniture. Anitra and Ty took a nap and Senica and I watched the princess sing-a-long.

In the afternoon, April and her girls came over and Anitra came down with her two. So, 4 adults, 5 kids for lunch. Anitra and April had some shopping to do so Brian and I watched the 5 little ones! The girls wanted to make cookies, so that's what we did! Ty wanted to help too. He did more eating cookie dough (mom would have a fit...raw eggs ya know) than helping to make the cookies. ha!

Anitra and April picked up chicken for dinner and I made the sides. Seth came after work and joined us for dinner. I have decided that I really need that card table and chairs! :)
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mom's turn...

Well, mom called me this guessed it! She has the flu! Will our family ever get rid of this bug?? aagghhh!!!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Pottenger at her house. We had upside down pizza, salads and pies! Pies, pies and more pies! It was all very delicious!! I forgot my no pictures to post. We took pictures w/Anitra's camera, so maybe I will get some from her.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Well, I called my sister April this morning to wish them a Merry Christmas and now she has the flu!! The poor thing!! So, not very merry for her!

Saturday Brian and I drove to Goshen to go to Wilfong's to get a Christmas tree. Would you believe that they were closed for the season?? I guess not everyone waits until 3 days before Christmas to get a tree. I called mom and she said that she had seen some trees still at Pamida. I said, we aren't driving all the way to Syracuse to get a tree. Well, on the 23rd when we had Christmas at April's, she asked if we could stop at Pamida to pick up some last minute stuff and there was about 7 trees left outside there...with 2 small signs that said here it is, the saddest Christmas tree I have ever had!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting Better...

Well, Brian and I recovered from the flu! We had Christmas at April and Brian's last night...we have outgrown mom's house! :)

Every year mom gets us girls a "stocking". She uses a gift bag now and it usually contains the same things every year...socks, oil of olay, kleenex for your purse, gum, you get the point. Anyway, with everyone having the flu this year, first Anitra, Seth and Senica...then Brian and I, she got us a "get well from the flu kit". Isn't she so clever? She thinks so! :)
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Friday, December 21, 2007


Last Thursday, Janae had a little boy that got sick at Saturday night, Janae had the flu.

Tuesday, the Zartman's had the flu. All of them but Ty! Anitra and Seth were so sick and trying to take care of Senica too, so I told them that I would take Ty for the night. He was such an angel! I got him supper, gave him a bath and he slept in bed with me. He is too sweet!

2 days later, you guessed it! Brian woke up Thursday morning at 2 and was sick...I followed and was up at 6! I wish this flu on no one!! It was awful, but I am finally feeling better. My whole body just ached!! Thank goodness it's over! I hate being sick!! Who likes it though right? Well, at least we weren't sick on Christmas!!

**Special thanks to Leah who called in some medicine for me and helped me to get better faster!!**

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He's mastered the stairs!


Look at our little guy! He is up and down and up and down and up those stairs. He LOVES them. Senica is right behind him making sure that he doesn't fall. It's so cute.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Program

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Today was our Christmas program at church. Senica did an amazing job! She was in the "angel band" playing her horn! :) It was too cute!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm Good!

So tonight, I get a phone call from Senica...

A: Hi sweetie! How are you??
S: Good, I had gymnastics!
A: What did you do today?
S: I'm Good!!!
A: You did what honey?
Anitra in the background (I'm Good!)
S: I'M GOOD!!!!
A: Oh, you're good? I know Senica, you are!
S: I'm moving up to the 4-year olds!!
A: What!? You're moving up to the 4-year old class?? You're only 3!
S: I know, but I'm really good!
A: Yes, honey you are! And you know what?
S: What?
A: I am so proud of you Senica!! I love you and I'm proud of you!
S: Thank you for being proud of me!

Awwww - isn't she the sweetest?? Ok, so I know I'm the aunt and all, but seriously people, she just turned 3 in August and she is being moved up to the 4-year olds class. How can I not brag?? :)

I told Anitra, remember the first day we took her and she didn't even want to do the warm-ups with the kids? And she stood the whole time, finger-on-lip watching the 4-year olds! She must have just been envisioning herself in that class! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Parade in Nappanee


Nappanee had it's first annual Christmas Parade this past Friday night. The mayor's wife organized it and it was titled "Miracles at Main and Market Street". They started the whole planning process before the tornado. It was neat to see so many people out! The parade was only about 4 blocks long, but hundreds of people lined the streets. Bobby's work had a float and Seth was Joseph, Anitra was Mary, Ty was baby Jesus and Janae, Brenna and Senica were angels. The girls did such a good job yelling "Merry Christmas" and "The baby Jesus is born!" You could hear them yelling for at least 2 blocks! I ran along side the float trying to get pictures, so they aren't that great. They had a little calf and a lamb on the float. Anitra said at one point, Janae was yelling "The baby Jesus is born! Man, that cow stinks...Merry Christmas!" ha ha Anitra also said one lady yelled back, that's right honey, The baby Jesus is born! :) It was a good time and I love to see a small town come together like that!!

Best Buds


How cute is this? One night at mom's, we put Adria in the high chair...she's still a little bit small for it, but it was so cute b/c Ty was trying to get to her. How sweet are they holding hands? Just melts my heart!!
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Party at the Woods...


A few weeks ago, Mom and Bobby had a wood-cutting party at their land in Syracuse. We had about 60 people there that day and it was great to see our extended family!! Brenna, Senica and I went "skipping" in the woods and I got some of these cute pics! How adorable are they with their little matching coats!? :)
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