Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jessica's Non-Shower

This morning a group of us girls stopped by to pick Jessica up for a non-baby-shower-girl's-day-out! :) I love the top pic of the first collage where Jess is saying to Anitra nd Mary "What are all these people doing here??"

First stop - Dream Nails! Mary had called ahead to let them know that we were coming and when we got there, 3 people were working. One-by-one they trickled in until we had 7 people working on our feet. My guy didn't talk, Katie's lady was telling her about her friend dying and Jessica had a lady say to her "My friend had baby last week - very painful" niiiice. :) We did have fun though - lots of laughs!

Next stop - Olive Garden! YUMMY!! I never thought I was a fan of Olive Garden, but the last 2 times I have been there have been with this group of friends and I do have to say I love that soup that we can't pronounce! :) Jessica got some cute pink and purple girly clothes!!!

We had a great day and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends!! :)
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The Barnes said...

Love all the pictures...except I do look REALLY prego. well hopefully she gets here soon. Corey keeps asking, "are you going into labor?" whenever I do anything like cleaning, organizing but no such luck today:)
Thanks for a great morning- you guys ROCK!!!!

Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

Thanks for taking pictures Addi!! Since we can't be there it is great to still feel like I know what's going on. Glad you guys could surprise Jess!